What Are The Causes, Problems and Solutions to Leaking Pipes?

leaking pipesMost leaks start out small and inconspicuous. You will barely notice that they are there. However, all leaks can worsen over time. If you give a leaky pipe enough time, you might just come home to a flooded basement or bathroom. However, leaking pipes can be contained. And with the right measures, they could be prevented. It is best to understand what causes the leaks and how to prevent them. In case of plumbing emergencies, you will be able to avert any possible catastrophes if you already have enough knowledge on leaky pipes and what you can do to control the situation.

The causes of leaking pipes

Ground movements

Even the slightest shift in your home’s foundation could cause leaking pipes Wilmington, NC. Some of the movements can’t be controlled. Although there are some measures that would allow the foundation to stay solid, changes to the surroundings could cause movements. When you notice that your pipes have ruptured, be sure to call your local plumber for repairs.

High water pressure

Water pipes can only take so much pressure. Despite being made out of metal, pipelines can still burst. Immense water pressure could cause the pipes to rupture and burst. Pipes are also more prone to bursting when corrosion is present. That’s why you should hire plumber to check you plumbing every once in a while.

Tree roots

Trees are generally not harmful. However, when tree roots extend below your home and along your pipes, it could be disastrous. Although the process takes a while, tree roots could eventually push pipes to their breaking point. That’s why it is not advised to have trees nearby home; near enough that roots could poke holes on the home’s foundation.


Over the years, your pipes could corrode. This is a natural thing since metal piping don’t last forever. However, corrosion isn’t much of a big deal when it is found earlier. Again, this is to stress out the importance of having a regular plumbing inspection. Be sure that your plumber regularly inspects your pipes to avoid complicated situations.

Temperature changes

Changes in weather, particularly extreme cold temperatures during the winter, could cause pipes to burst. When water inside the pipes harden, it pushes against the interior of the pipes. The ice will naturally find the weakest spot and create ruptures that will lead to bursting.

When you find yourself in a tight situation, don’t panic. Always remain calm in order to prevent the situation from escalating. You have the option of shutting off the water to your home to limit the damage. After that, call Wilmington Plumbing Pro for emergency repairs. Bear in mind that professional plumbing services will be needed to ensure that everything will turn out fine. When you first find leaks, don’t set it aside. Always see to it that even the smallest leaks are repaired accordingly.

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