Plumbing Basics – What Homeowners Should Know

plumbingHaving plumbing problems at home can be a bit of a problem especially if you have zero knowledge on the matter. However, it’s not as hard to learn about plumbing. Although there are more complicated aspects that most homeowners won’t dare to deal with, most of the concepts of plumbing are easy to understand. Here are some tips on how to manage your home’s plumbing:

Learning the basics of plumbing can help save you money

Turning off the water – if some of your pipes spring a leak, it’s not a cause for panic. There’s a quick temporary fix that will help save your day from a plumbing nightmare. You can turn off the water too so certain parts of your house or for the entire property. You should first know where to locate the shut off valve. For individual valves that are inside your house, learn which valve leads to where. If you’re uncertain, you could always turn off the main supply valve located outside your house.

Fixing a running toilet – a runny toilet is one of the most common plumbing problems you could have at home. However, it’s quite easy to fix. First, you need to find out which part of the toilet is causing the problem. Most of the time, the flapper and the float are the culprits. Make minor adjustments to each component and see if it makes a difference. Usually, these making changes to these components fixes the issue. However, if you find yourself in an even deeper problem than you started, call your local plumber right away.

Cleaning the sink trap – a clogged sink is also one of the plumbing issues you might run into at home. This problem can be easily resolved by removing the trap or u-bend under the sink. It is normally held in place by twist pressure joints. This way, the trap could be removed individually. After removing the trap, remove the clog and replace it under the sink.

Temporarily fixing leaks – if you spot a leaking pipe, you can fix it temporarily until you can have a plumber in Wilmington over. To do this, turn off the water from the main valve and take a piece of rubber and tie it above the leaking section of the pipe. After that, secure it with a hose clamp or a sleeve clamp. Turn on the water and see if it works.

When to call a plumber – the main purpose of learning how plumbing works is to allow yourself to make quick fixes until you can call a plumber. Do note that not all plumbing issues are easy to fix. Some require more than just elbow grease and simple makeshift repairs. if it’s an emergency, always call your local plumber immediately. Some plumbing issues could quickly escalate if not handled by a professional. It’s important to understand the urgency of the situation and allow you to call a professional if you deem the problem requires urgent attention.

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