Ask a Plumber Wilmington: Are Drain Cleaners Safe To Use?

Plumber WilmingtonWe’ve all experienced slow drains or water backing up from the sink or shower. It’s not something uncommon. After all, we all use our kitchen and bathroom every day. It’s only normal to encounter these issues. However, it is important to understand the best means of resolving these kinds of issues. You can find hundreds of drain cleaning solutions on the internet or at your local supermarkets. However, are any of these products safe to use? What does your local plumber Wilmington have to say about drain cleaners in general?

Plumber Wilmington tips on clogged drains

There are some drain cleaners out there that can do a really good job at unclogging those drains. However, you should be careful about what type of drain cleaner you use. There are some that have harsh chemicals in them used to literally melt whatever is clogging your drains. Consequently, drain cleaners with tough chemicals won’t only solve the problem but create it as well.

With continued use, drain cleaners might actually do more harm than good. They could eat away at your plumbing, causing major problems down the line. Any local plumber Wilmington, NC would warn against the use of chemical drain cleaners. It is still best to use methods that do not use harsh chemicals.

Here’s what you can do instead:

Use a mixture of vinegar and baking soda

This old trick can work miracles in some instances. What you need to do is pour hot water down your drain. Be sure that it is not boiling hot water, though. Afterward, pour in equal parts of baking soda and vinegar. Cover the drain for at least 10 minutes. After waiting, pour in hot water and let it sit for about another few minutes. If you the mixture did its job of unclogging the drain, you will see immediate results. If not, proceed to the next step.

Use a plunger

A plunger can work miracles if you know how to use it. When choosing a plunger, make sure that it creates a tight seal around the problem area. To unclog your drain, be sure to apply quick yet forceful pushes. This will likely dislodge whatever is clogging your plumbing. If not, proceed to the following.

Use a drain snake

A drain snake is most commonly used for stubborn clogs. However, you might need to spend a few dollars to get a really good one. On the other hand, even if you have a good drain snake at hand, it is still no guarantee that the clog can be removed. It is also about technique and how well you utilize the tool. If you can’t seem to fix the clogged drains using the three methods mentioned above, call Wilmington Plumbing Pro. The best solution to any kind of plumbing problem is to hire a professional plumber.

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