Keeping Your Pipes Clog-Free This Thanksgiving

emergency plumbingA clog somewhere in your pipeline is frustrating. However, what’s even more problematic is having clogs in your pipes during thanksgiving. It’s an absolute nightmare when you’ve got a lot of dishes to do and guests are about to come. Luckily, you can always rely on your local emergency plumber to save the day. On the other hand, you don’t always have to encounter such problems. These issues could be prevented easily with the right methods and preparations. Here are some ways on how you could prevent clogs from happening especially during special occasions:

Call an emergency plumber if you have a plumbing problem during a special event

After thanksgiving plumbers are busy doing their work due to a number of reasons. The kitchen sink is where it all happens. Believe it or not, a whole lot goes on in the kitchen sink that’s not supposed to be down there. Grease and other food items are simply flushed down the drain or through the garbage disposal. Not that this is not common but it can greatly impact the performance of the pipes. Disposing of greasy materials in the sink could cause you expensive repairs. The pipes could form a layer of grease that would be really hard to take out. Grease could harden over time and it does not easily come off without persuasion. In certain cases, you might need to call in an emergency plumbing in Wilmington to have the clogs removed.

How to prevent pipes from getting clogged

  1. Proper disposal of fats and grease – again, the grease could become your number one enemy real quick if you let it drain away in your sink. There’s a proper way to dispose of fat and that’s not through your sink. The same goes for your toilet. You are not supposed to flush down things that are meant to be flushed.
  1. Avoid stringy food waste – your garbage disposal unit can only handle so much. You should avoid throwing in stringy leftovers to make sure that the blades of the garbage disposer don’t go dull very fast. It’s also not a good idea to overload your garbage disposer to not damage the motor.
  1. Don’t trust those baby wipes – baby wipes and other similar products are not supposed to be disposed of via the toilet. There has been a lot of instances where toilets backed up because of the sheer number of baby wipes that were flushed. Bear in mind that baby wipes are non-biodegradable which means it would take years before it would deteriorate
  1. Have a plumber come in – before you encounter any problems with your plumbing, it would be a lot better if you hire a plumber to check and maintain your plumbing before thanksgiving and other events. You might need plumbing repairs that would otherwise go unnoticed if you had not called in a plumber.

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