Tips on Keeping Plumbing Nightmares At Bay

plumber in WilmingtonIt’s not uncommon for any homeowner to encounter plumbing problems. However, what nobody wants is for a simple issue with the plumbing to become a nightmare. On the other hand, with little care and wrong usage, a plumbing nightmare isn’t far away. Of course, in such cases, you can count on a plumber in Wilmington to save the day. Luckily, there are easy ways on how you could save yourself the hassle, money, and time dealing with such problems. Here are some ways you could keep plumbing issues as bay:

Plumbing problems often grow worse when they are brushed aside

Don’t pour grease down the drain – your local plumber would advise against pouring any type of grease down the drain. Grease and oils normally don’t just flush down the drain. Most of the time, they get stuck on the inner walls of the pipes that later on lead to clogs and other issues. If you don’t want water backing up from your sink, don’t pour grease.

Keep away from caustic cleaners – you might have seen a commercial or two on TV about drain cleaners and how they miraculously unclog whatever it is that is blocking your drain. However, not all of them are good for your pipes. Most of the time, caustic drain cleaners would do more harm than good and it’s going to cost you a lot of money on repairs.


Stop cramming stuff under the sink – it’s easy to just throw in some stuff underneath the sink. It’s not going to have any negative effects, right? Wrong! That’s simply inviting a plumbing disaster into your kitchen. If you want to avoid issues with your sink, don’t force stuff into where your pipes are. This will make repairs harder and it could even be the cause for problems.

Your garbage disposal isn’t a trash can – a lot of people think of their garbage disposal unit as a godsend that could take care of any food waste. Well, it’s not. Don’t just put stuff down your garbage disposal since this piece of machinery is delicate. Your blades could easily go dull when you throw in hard stuff down your disposal.

Shut your valves before going on holidays – if you plan on going on holiday for two weeks or more, don’t forget to turn off your valves. It’s not like there’s anything awful that’s going to happen to your plumbing but it’s good to take precautions. Sometimes, your pipes could bursts or leaks could go out of control while you’re away. It’s more convenient to come home with no issues than face a plumbing nightmare.

Always consider hiring a plumber – you don’t always need to hire a plumber just for repairs. You can also hire a professional plumber to maintain your plumbing. Do remember that maintenance is a necessary step in keeping your plumbing in good condition. Also, it’s also cheaper to have your plumbing maintained than to deal with major repairs due to the lack of preemptive measures.

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