How Do You Handle Leaking Pipes?

leaking pipesLeaking pipes can be quite annoying and troublesome, to say the least. One way of properly addressing leaky pipes is to call a local plumber. Nothing beats an expert at handling plumbing leaks. However, when you are on your own and the nearest plumber is an hour or two away, you might want to step up and do your own plumbing repairs. On the other hand, DIY plumbing repair must be your last option. Again, the best thing to do is to hire a plumber.

Here are some tips on how to contain leaking pipes quickly:

Step 1

Turn off the water valve leading to the affected area. This will buy you some time to try and contain the problem before applying the required fix. Do note that the main shut-off valve will always be located in or outside your home where it is most conveniently accessed. If you can’t find the individual shut-off valve for the affected area, go directly to the main shut-off valve.

Step 2

Once the water has been shut off, the next thing that you should do is drain the remaining water from the leaking pipes Wilmington, NC. This will be an important step for the next part of the process.

Step 3

Dry off the leaking pipe and the affected area. Wipe it down with a dry towel before you proceed. It is important that the pipe is dry for the next part which is applying the epoxy.

Step 4

Use a strong epoxy to cover the leaking area. Use a putty knife to make sure that the leak is completely covered. After applying epoxy, wrap a rubber hose around the area. The length of the rubber hose must be two inches longer than the leak on both ends. This should hold the epoxy in place while waiting for it to set.

Step 5

Once the epoxy has been set, you need to wrap the affected area with waterproof tape. This will seal the leak and provide a better chance of preventing it from leaking again. After this is all done, you will have more time to buy supplies and call a plumber for a more appropriate solution to the problem.

Bear in mind that the steps provided above are only a temporary fix. It is not a permanent solution for leaking pipes. The most adequate solution to any kind of plumbing problem, especially leaks, is to hire a plumber.

There’s no other way to avoid plumbing disasters than to keep it in working order in the first place. But what are the things that you should do? Should you call Wilmington Plumbing Pro every single time? How do you maintain your plumbing? The answer is simple. All you need to do is hire your local plumbing contractor, have your plumbing maintained, fix any leaks and other issues, and enjoy a problem-free plumbing system.

In case you need reliable plumbing services, please call Wilmington Plumbing Pro. You may reach us at (910) 338-5247.

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