Emergency Plumber: Will Your Insurance Pay?

emergency plumberA lot of homeowners are often puzzled about what type of water damage is included in most home insurance policies. There are a lot of questions whether you can claim your insurance in certain instances of plumbing issues. In this article, we will be explaining some facts about home insurance policies and the things you should do so you can make your claims. We’ll also be talking about hiring a reliable emergency plumber and why it is important to hire one.

What is covered by most home insurance policies?

When it comes to plumbing issues, most home insurance policies only cover water damage when the cause is purely accidental. Anything other than that is not valid and insurance companies will not honor your claim. This is one reason why you should always keep your plumbing maintained by a Wilmington emergency plumber. You have to understand that insurance companies will try to gain as much profit as you can. That means you will need to abide by their rules if you want to get paid.

Types of water damage that are NOT covered by insurance

Water damage due to poor maintenance – there are fairly good reasons why you should always have your plumbing properly maintained. First of all, you really don’t want to deal with plumbing issues every now and then. Second, insurance companies typically don’t cover water damage that is caused by poor plumbing maintenance or the lack thereof. This is why it helps to hire your local plumber and have your plumbing maintained.

Source of the water damage – another good reason why you should keep your plumbing maintained is so they don’t break down and cause problems to begin with. Generally, insurance providers do not provide coverage for the plumbing that caused water damage. Let’s say your washing machine suddenly broke down and messed up everything beside it. When that happens, only the water damage will be covered and not your washing machine.

Water damage by backed-up drains or sewers – when insurance companies tell you they cover water damage, what they really meant was those instances wherein the unlikely happens. That’s why they have it on the print that they only cover water damage that is caused by accidents alone. Any other situation is excluded. Of course, this would mean that a backed-up sewer or drain isn’t on the list of covered causes. First of all, you can prevent your sewer and drains from backing up. It’s through drain cleaning and proper maintenance that you can make this happen.

Hiring a reliable plumber

When having your plumbing maintained, go seek a reliable local plumber. It’s really emphasized that you hire locally. Not that local plumbers are lightyears ahead, but it’s good for the local economy. Other than that, it’s easier for you to have your plumbing maintained. Also, you will often find good plumbers in your area anyway. Lastly, a good plumber will likely equate to quality work and that would lead to a great plumbing.

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