4 Common Plumbing Issues, Causes, And Solutions

plumber in WilmingtonIn every home, nothing lasts forever. There will be some sort of issue sooner or later. One of the most common sections of the home that is often plagued with problems is the plumbing. Just like certain parts of the home, the plumbing is often used and on a daily basis. This means that problems with the plumbing in your home is inevitable. It may not come sooner for some but it will definitely come. It’s best to come prepared for these situations. Or better yet, have a plumber in Wilmington maintain your plumbing to prevent issues from coming sooner.

Maintenance is the key to non-problematic plumbing

  1. Low water pressure – there are a number of reasons why the water pressure in your home is lower than usual. If you are experiencing low water pressure frequently, then you know that the problem isn’t from the supply of water. Most of the time, the aerator is the culprit. In other cases, there are some issues with the piping system in your home. This is often remedied by having a plumber over and inspecting the entire system.
  1. No hot water- it’s not such a good experience when you don’t have enough hot water in your home. There’s plenty of reasons why you would run out of hot water. If you’re using the conventional tank-based system, do note that you will need to wait a couple minutes for the water to heat up once the reserve is depleted. On the other hand, for tankless systems, it’s not much of a problem since hot water is on-demand. However, for tank-based water heaters, this normally indicates a problem with the tank itself, an issue with the thermostat, or a faulty thermocouple.
  1. Leaks – everyone knows what leaking pipes, dripping showerheads, and faulty faucets look like. One common thing they have is that there isn’t a way to keep the water from flowing – unless they get repaired, of course. For leaking pipes, it’s best to have a plumber take a look at it. There are several reasons why pipes would leak. It could be a result of water expansion during the winter when the water freezes over, it could be due to faulty pipes, or perhaps due to some other factors. In general, leaks cost you money and the longer you keep them unattended, the more water and money you waste due to faulty plumbing.
  1. Jammed garbage disposals – basically, garbage disposal units are a godsend for any homeowner. Imagine preparing a lot of food for thanksgiving. You would have a lot of food waste, right? And where does it all go to? – That’s right! They all go to the garbage disposal unit. However, your garbage disposal unit isn’t a solution for everything. You do need to take good care of your disposal unit if you want to keep it running or a long time.

No matter how new or old your plumbing may be, you will still need to have it maintained. Remember, maintenance is a key part in ensuring that your plumbing is in order. Also, it’s a lot cheaper to have your plumbing maintained that to hire a plumber for repairs.

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